Services to private clients

Housing trade disputes

A purchase of an apartment or a property is often a private person’s most significant financial purchase during their entire life, and therefore in issues relating to the purchases it is important to turn to a lawyer.

Our attorneys have handled a lot of disputes relating to real estates and apartments. We have assisted both sellers and buyers. We co-operate with reliable goods inspectors and other construction-engineering experts.

Litigation and dispute resolution

Legal proceedings are a focal part of our office’s operations. We represent our clients both as claimants and respondents in court proceedings, arbitral proceedings and mediations. Our office assists private persons in all disputes relating to civil law. When handling disputes we primarily always try to find the best possible out-of-court settlement for the client because a friendly solution is often the best from the point of view of the client’s interests as a whole. Before the matter proceeds to legal proceedings, we always go through with the client any risks and possibilities relating to the matter so that the client is always aware of what is ahead.

Family and inheritance matters

In case of a divorce, we prepare property settlement agreements and assist our clients in disputed settlements. Our attorneys also act in respect of divorces as estate administrators and estate distributors appointed by a District Court. We also prepare prenuptial agreements, guardianship authorizations and other documents relating to family law. We handle a lot of matters relating to inheritance law. We prepare wills, estate inventories, deeds of distribution and other documents relating to inheritance law. We also assist our clients in disputed estate distributions. Our attorneys also act as estate administrators and estate distributors appointed by a District Court.

Contract matters

Matters to be settled by agreements often concern significant financial interests. A pedantic pre-planning of agreements often saves from many disagreements. Our office prepares all types of contract documents to private persons, such as lease agreements, deeds of sale, employment contracts, payment agreements, settlement agreements.

Labour matters

We offer expertise to our private clients especially in the following matters relating to labour law:

Termination of employment contracts
Preparation of employment contracts
Collection of salary receivables
Non-competition matters
Sales of business
Cooperation negotiations

Tort matters

Our attorneys have handled tort matters of various contexts both through negotiations and in court proceedings, and due to that we have a good general view of tort law. We mainly deal with tort issues relating to property losses and injuries and assist both the injured parties and the parties who caused the loss or injury. We also assist the victims of crime in the presentation of the claim for damages.

Tax matters

Our office assists private individuals mainly in matters relating to income taxation as well as inheritance and gift taxation. With our expertise we can find tax-wise effective solutions for our customers. We prepare, among others, applications for preliminary rulings, adjustment requests and tax appeals.

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