Services to companies

Public procurement

A public corporation must abide by the Finnish Procurement Act and the EU Directives on procurement. The purpose of the procurement legislation is to enhance the use of public funds because an open and equal tendering process increases the companies’ competitiveness and gives them a better opportunity to offer their products and services to the public sector.

We assist our clients in matters concerning the public procurement. Typically, we advise companies participating in a procurement procedure in the preparation of tenders and represent tenderers who lost the competitive bidding in the Market Court. We also assist contracting entities at different phases of the procurement process.

Intellectual property rights

We advise our clients in the protection of intellectual property rights and in the minimization of risks relating to them as well as in the licensing and commercializing of intellectual property rights. We prepare for our clients, among others, technology cooperation agreements, license agreements, non-disclosure agreements, consultancy contracts and software agreements. In addition to the preparation of agreements, we also handle legal proceedings relating to patents, utility models, design rights, trademarks and trade names.

Insolvency law

Our experts have over 20 years’ experience in the handling of business restructuring and bankruptcies as well as related foreclosure, recovery and financial crime matters. The lawyers of our company have participated in hundreds of bankruptcy estates as estate administrators and in business restructuring as liquidators. The debtor companies have operated in versatile fields of industry, so our office has experience in handling bankruptcies and restructuring of different types and sizes.

Our services relating to insolvency law include, for example, the following:

Preparation of a business restructuring application
Acting as the liquidator and supervisor in a business restructuring
Preparation of a bankruptcy application
Acting as the estate administrator in a bankruptcy
Assisting creditors in bankruptcy and business restructuring proceedings
Assisting in recovery matters

Real estate matters

Our office provides comprehensive services relating to real estate law. Our clients are typically housing companies, real estate companies, companies providing real estate services, buyers and sellers of a real estate and real estate investors. We have assisted our clients, among others, in the following matters:

Contract agreements
Land use agreements
Zoning complaints
Real estate transactions
Real estate leases
Assistance of the boards of housing companies
Liability for renovation and maintenance of housing companies
Agreements on the division of a joint property
Easement agreements
Establishment of real estate and housing companies
Building permit matters
Environmental damage

Dispute resolution and litigation

Disagreements leading to legal proceedings are unavoidable in business operation. We aim to help our clients to settle disagreements in an appropriate and cost-efficient manner. Often a reconciliation is the most effective way to solve disagreements and therefore we do not hesitate in proposing that to our clients if it is the best solution in the interests of the clients.

Our services cover civil and criminal matters in general courts of law (District Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court) and proceedings in special courts of law, such as the Market Court and the Administrative Court. We also regularly represent our clients in arbitral proceedings.

Contract law

Contractual matters are our office’s core competences. Our experienced experts assist clients in all issues relating to agreements and contract law. We prepare contract forms, model agreements and standard contract clauses, review individual agreements and assist clients in the settlement of disagreements relating to agreements. We advise our clients typically, among others, in the following contract matters:

Shareholders’ agreements
Deeds of sale
Cooperation agreements
Non-disclosure agreements
ICT agreements
Resale and agent agreements
Distribution agreements
Employment contracts
Consultancy agreements
Lease agreements

Labour law

We assist our clients extensively in all matters belonging to the scope of labour law. Our office has especially solid experience in the handling of employment-related disputes. We also prepare a lot of labour law documents and assist employers how to carry through labour law processes, such as cooperation negotiations. Typically, we prepare the following documents:

Employment and service contracts
Confidentiality agreements
Non-competition contracts
Employment termination contracts
Documents relating to the cooperation negotiations

Corporate law

We provide a wide range of corporate law services to companies of various sizes. We advise our clients in matters relating to the establishment of a company, ownership arrangements, share redemption processes, incentive schemes, shareholders’ rights and board liabilities. In addition, we assist our clients in matters relating to the selection of the company form and the change of the company form. Our profound expertise guarantees that tax and contractual matters often relating to corporate law matters are also settled at the same time.


Our office has a vast experience in assisting clients in various business arrangements. Our services encompass all phases of business arrangements from the planning to the implementation in practice. We assist our clients, among others, in the planning of the arrangement, legal due diligence reviews, transaction negotiations and financial arrangements. We naturally also prepare all documents required for the implementation of the business arrangement.

We also advise family-owned companies in generational changes. Years of expertise in implementing generational changes enables the fact that we can together with the entrepreneur family always find the most cost-efficient solution without ignoring the values relating to the family business.

Tax law

We assist our corporate clients extensively in matters relating to taxation. Our tax experts have also experience from being employed by the Tax Administration, which given excellent readiness for our company to serve the clients in questions relating to taxation. Clients typically turn to us when they need advice in:

Tax appeal matters
Tax inspections
Business transactions
Selection/Change of the company form
Generational changes
Application for a preliminary ruling

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